Cereal Killer

Cereal Killer

Cereal Killer is a short film produced by Rocket Jump and directed by Freddie Wong and Brandon Laatsch.


As Freddie ponders over what cereal he should purchase, he is unaware of armed thugs robbing the store he is at due to his earphones. It's then that one attempts to rob him of his possessions, but Freddie begins fighting back. Which causes a riot between him and the thugs. One of them attempts to kill him but he manages to outsmart him using the ceiling mirror. The final thug remaining once again attempts to kill him but he fails when Freddie kills him with a meat cleaver. He then returns to the cereal section to pick out a cereal. The cashier tells him to just take it but he ask "which one?"

Cast & CrewEdit

  • Freddie Wong as Himself
  • Michelle Phan as Cashier